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    May 2014

    The village of Tooraweenah is in a valley below the Warrumbungle Ranges, roughly midway between Gilgandra and Coonabarabran, in the Central West of the state of New South Wales, in Australia.


    The village and surrounding area has a population of 371 (by 2011 census), up from 239 (by 2006 census). The services within the village are:

    • hotel (pub) and motel,
    • Crossroads cabins
    • service station and mechanical repairs,
    • police station,
    • hardware shop (fencing, chemicals, hammers, etc),
    • community technology centre,
    • primary school,
    • memorial hall,
    • showground,
    • oval (cricket playing ground),
    • playground, BBQ and public toilets,
    • aerodrome,
    • golf club,
    • rifle club,
    • tennis club,
    • rural fire brigade, and;
    • three churches.
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    Nearby Towns

    The nearest town is Gilgandra, the centre of the local government area, which has a population of two thousand nine hundred. Many of the Tooraweenah locals use Gilgandra as their supply town. It is 44km away at 110km/h on a mostly flat road; just under half an hour.

    The second closest town is Coonabarabran, on the other side of the Warrumbungle Range. Some locals are also known to shop there. It is 64km away at 100km/h on a moderately hilly road.