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    19th July 2021

    Mobile phone service in Tooraweenah has begun.

    16th July 2021

    The small mobile tower at the telephone exchange has been installed. We hope to do a data speed test once the antennas are setup and working.

    21st July 2018

    The internet connection is fixed. Our server had died of old age or too many lightning strikes.

    28th May 2018

    The internet connection is fixed.

    26th May 2018

    After a lightning storm overnight, the internet connection is broken. Our next volunteer visit is on Wednesday 28th March.

    April 2015

    The WiFi hotspot in the main street:

    • an open wireless access point, IEEE 802.11g 2.4GHz,
    • on top of a computer in the community technology centre,
    • the network name is,
    • connected to an ADSL service in the centre,
    • best speed is inside the centre,
    • slightly lower speed just outside the door,
    • somewhat lower speed across the road,
    • barely acceptable in the park.
    In April 2015, the WiFi stopped a few times.

    The server in the community technology centre broke down; the cooling fan in the power supply jammed, and the power supply overheated and turned off. On Wednesday 22nd the power supply was replaced, and everything should be back to normal.

    Please mail if it doesn't work for you.

    March 2015

    In the village, you can purchase ADSL from most providers, and it will be delivered by Telstra. Service varies according to the quality of the copper cabling.

    Throughout the area, wireless broadband services are by Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and resellers of those services. Check the coverage maps from each mobile phone company. Try it out with a prepaid device, or mobile phone, and if it works for you then look at plan pricing. Some wireless hotspots can be placed in a sealed and shaded box on a tower or windmill, and this is especially useful if they don't work in the house but do work some other place on your property. Contact your electrician for ways to power the device from solar.

    October 2007

    What historical data services were available in Tooraweenah and the local area?

    The following is a summary by a local telecommunications expert; James Cameron. It is not exhaustive, and there aren't any kickbacks involved.

    Service Description Costs Providers
    56k/33k6 dialup Conventional modem dialup service, people in the village get about 48k/33k6, people more than 4km distant get 33k6/33k6, people more than 8km distant get 28k8/28k8, others get between 14k/14k and 19k2/19k2. Installation: ~$140 for telephone line (for a second line if needed), and ~$40 to ~$80 for modem.

    Monthly costs: ~$35 for telephone line rental (for a second line if needed), ~$5.50 to ~$30.00 for service provider depending on plan, and ~$2,00 to ~$10.00 for local calls.

    (last checked March 2005) (National) (Mudgee based, delivered by Comindico virtual POP in Dubbo) (Sydney based, delivered by satellite downlink to Gilgandra, uplink in California)
    and others
    64k/64k or 128k/128k ISDN ETSI ISDN service, local calls may be timed, excellent voice quality, ought to work for people within about 10km of the village. May be prone to damage by lightning strike. Not investigated.

    Telstra (for the service delivery),,, and others (for data carriage)
    ADSL or DSL Telstra's telephone network was upgraded in the Tooraweenah exchange, involving upgrades to the fibre connection from Dubbo. The service is limited to about 7km, depending on the quality of the cabling. Installation: from ~$190 for modem.

    Monthly costs: from ~$30 per month for 200Mb, continuous access.

    (last checked October 2007)

    Telstra (for the service delivery),,, and others (for data carriage)
    3g wireless Telstra's 3G network, with towers at Needle Mountain, Gilgandra and Gulargambone. With line of sight, peak data rate is 7.2 megabits per second, faster than ADSL at 1.5 megabits per second. The long run data rate is limited according to plan.

    Installation: ~$300 (portable) or ~$250 (desktop) for modem.

    Monthly costs: from ~$40 per month for 200Mb, continuous access, 12 month contract.

    (last checked October 2007)

    256k/64k and 512k/128k two-way satellite Two-way satellite service, with HiBIS funding if you are outside ISDN coverage, in lightning prone area, or on low quality copper cabling. Might be provisioned by DirecWay, a US based satellite service. Installation: ~$129,

    Monthly costs: ~$100 for 256k, 500Mb limit, 18 month contract.

    (last checked December 2006)

    256k/64k and faster two-way satellite Two-way satellite service, with HiBIS funding if you are outside ISDN coverage. Shaped plan so you don't pay penalty rates for excessive downloads, instead it slows down to 64k. Installation: ~$0,

    Monthly costs: ~$40 for 500Mb data 256k down 64k up, 64k when shaped, 18 month contract, prices locked for three years.

    (last checked December 2006)

    256k/64k and faster two-way satellite Two-way satellite service, with HiBIS funding if you are outside ISDN coverage. Not a shaped plan. May be provisioned by IPstar, a Thai satellite. Installation: ~$0,

    Monthly costs: ~$30 for 500Mb data 256k down 64k up,

    (last checked December 2006)

    If there are any factual errors, please contact us.


    Date Service Commenced Providers
    < 1998 33k6 dialup, timed calls, STD rates to Eumungerie, then a local call redialler to Dubbo. Lisp (later became Highway Internet Services)
    ~ 1998 October (?) 56k dialup, local call rate, Gilgandra point of presence with satellite downlink and ISDN uplink, installed in council chambers, funded by Networking the Nation and Farmwide. Tax dollars hard at work fighting the existing service providers. Sydney based Total Peripherals Group (
    ~ 2000 33k6 dialup, local call rate, Gilgandra point of presence with ISDN downlink and uplink, installed at Gilgandra Marketing Coop, self funded. Mudgee based Highway Internet Services (
    ~ 2001 56k dialup moved to Gilgandra Community Technology Centre, with satellite downlink and ISDN uplink. The CTC shared the satellite downlink. Highway
    ~ 2002 ? Local call deregulation; sudden availability of many city based ISPs through locality bonded local call numbers. Many
    ~ 2002 ? 56k dialup moved to the mega POP model, using Comindico's Dubbo POP. The CTC continued as sole satellite user. Highway
    ~ 2002 ? 56k dialup on local call costs available to everyone via Bigpond. Telstra
    ~ 2003 Despite the local call changes, TPG decides to continue to use local equipment. Port count increase for 56k dialup, possibly a change of data rate on the satellite downlink. Never did find out. TPG
    ~ 2004 ADSL available in Gilgandra, and the CTC changes over to ADSL. Telstra
    ~ 2004 CDMA 1x RTT service rollout; four potential customers attend the meeting in Gilgandra. Telstra
    ~ 2004 Two-way HiBIS funded satellite service rollout. Telstra
    2005 March Tooraweenah CTC still only runs a 56k modem. N/A
    2006 November Tooraweenah exchange upgrade complete, ADSL services being provisioned. Telstra, and others
    2006 December Telstra 3G network deployment, with new wireless devices available. Telstra.
    2007 September Telstra 3G network data rate increased to 7.2 megabits per second, with new firmware for existing modems. Telstra.