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  • Directions to Tooraweenah
    August 2006

    Tooraweenah is six hours drive north west of Sydney, via Lithgow, or five hours if you really push it without breaks. It is 4km north of the Newell Highway, which is used by people travelling between the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne. It is "roughly" half way between them; a good stop for that trip.

    The best path to Tooraweenah depends on where you are coming from.

    • From Sydney, cross the mountains, head for Mudgee, then Dunedoo, Mendooran and then to Tooraweenah; 430km or so in total. There is 40km of gravel road after Mendooran. This road is difficult if it has been raining, but we calculate that we need to achieve at least 40km/h average speed to make it worth using that instead of the sealed road via Gilgandra.

    • From the south or west, aim for Dubbo, then Gilgandra, then Coonabarabran, but turn off to Tooraweenah about 44km out of Gilgandra.

    • From the north or east, aim for Coonabarabran, then for Gilgandra, then turn right about 60km out of Coonabarabran.