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    August 2006

    If you want to know about Tooraweenah, go to our visitors page. The page you are reading is about is a community service for residents of, and visitors to, the village of Tooraweenah.

    It is free, costs you nothing, and you don't have to pay for it. We don't guarantee that it works, but we'll try. It is run by volunteers. We're not here to make money. It is costing us very little.

    The domain name was registered by James, and so anything to the left of the domain name costs him nothing but a couple of minutes setting things up.

    The computer is part owned by James and Petria, and by other members of the Netrek computer game development team. It is in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA), in a room with lots of other computers at a specialist internet service provider, who also runs a Netrek game server. We thank Real Time Enterprises for their hosting services; they are very professional and know internet security very well.